Wordle today: Here’s the answer, hints for January 19

It’s the best time, it is Wordle time. A new Wordle puzzle is now live, giving you another opportunity to prove your linguistic prowess. And as always, we’re here with some hints and tips to help you find the solution.

If you just want the answer without effort, scroll to the bottom of this article for January 19 Wordle solution revealed. But if you’d rather find out for yourself, read on for some hints, tips and strategies to help you out.

Where did Wordle come from?

Although Wordle originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, thousands of players worldwide have now adopted the word guessing game as a daily ritual. It even became so popular that it was bought out New York Timeswhile TikTok creators have started live streaming themselves and playing.

Several fan-made clones and alternate iterations of Wordle have also appeared, including battle royale Squabblemusic identification game Heardleand variants such as Dordle and Quordle which makes you try to guess several words at once.

Not the day you’re looking for? Here is Wordle answer for January 18.

What is best Wordle starting word?

Unlike a mathematical equation, there is no single right answer to what is best Wordle starting word is. However, there are more strategic options, and we have lots of ideas to help you choose. For example, try choosing a word that contains at least two different vowels, as well as some common consonants such as S, T, R or N.

What happened with Wordle file?

The entire archive of the past WordleIt used to be available for you to dive into when you were looking for some word puzzles. Unfortunately it has since been taken down, which was done at the request of New York Times according to the site’s creator.

Is Wordle getting harder?

Despite random speculation you may see on Twitter, Wordle doesn’t get any harder. But if you’re looking for more of a challenge, the game has a hard mode that you can turn on.

Why are there two different ones? Wordle answer certain days?

Although Wordle usually has only one correct solution per day, sometimes two different answers may be considered acceptable. This is because New York Times made changes in Wordle after acquiring it, you exchange some answers for new ones.

The Times has since added its own updated glossary, so this should happen even less often than before. To avoid confusion, it’s a good idea to refresh your browser before getting stuck into a new puzzle.

Here’s a subtle tip for today Wordle response:

Today’s solution Wordle is an adjective. You might want a wash.

Do today’s Wordle answer has a double letter?

No, there are no repeat letters today.

Today’s Wordle is a 5 letter word starting with…

Today’s Wordle begins with the letter M, as in “MIROH” by Stray Kids.

What is the answer to Wordle today?

If you want to guess today’s Wordle yourself, now is the time to do it!

The final answer is now revealed. Ready?

The solution to Wordle #579 is…


Don’t feel down if you didn’t get it this time – the great thing about Wordle is that there is always another one just around the corner. Come back tomorrow for more helpful hints and tips!

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